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Birds sing outside the windows.

Imagine reclining on a sofa next to the window, surrounded by the expansive view of the forests of Izu as the songs of birds fill your ears all day long. arcana suites have an atmosphere and interior design you will be tempted to imitate when building your own cottage.

The cyclical nature of time and kindness.

The space in arcana was designed to incorporate the themes of the cyclical nature of time and kindness.
The wood and brick design, coupled with the northern European-style sofa and lamps form an interior design that emphasizes spending a moment with nature. Suites also come complete with a crackling fireplace.

Moonlight bathing and the enjoyment of fireflies' lights

The moon is shining in the forest, as fireflies dance on the river.
In the dim light, relax and stretch your legs in the open-air bathtub with a bounty of hot spring water directly from the spring's source.
Release your watch as well as your mind at arcana, and let time disappear.
*All guest rooms come attached to an open-air hot-spring bath.

The SUITE (Deluxe suite)

The most luxurious suite at arcana, featuring a living room complete with fireplace and a private open-air hot spring for two adults. We invite you to spend some time in a cottage-like setting.

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The River Wing Suite

The view of the Kano river fills the window.
Stretch out in the private open-air hot spring bath on the spacious balcony and feel yourself surrounded by the forest and mountain streams.

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The River Terrace Suite

Wake up in the morning in the middle of a forest.
Steam rises from the natural source-fed private open-air hot spring bath on the terrace.
Relax your mind and body.

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The River View Suite

A standard-sized suite in which two adults can spread out and relax. The high-quality bed lulls guests into a comfortable sleep.

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  • *Cancellation within 2days or 1day prior to set arrival date = 50% of room rate.
  • *Cancellation on set arrival date or no show = 100% of room rate.

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