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Enjoy a spa treatment while being surrounded by nature.

Indescribably soft to the touch the waters of Yugashima Onsen are renowned for their high quality of its water. Arcana is proud to offer spa treatments that capitalize on the effects of Yugashima Onsen. Relax your body and mind in a natural environment.

Spa treatments at the arcana is proud to bring select a course to suit your state of your body. Please spend a moment of healing in nature.

arcana SPA Treatment

SPA Brand YON-KA / THテ窺Aテ

YON-KA is based on inherited research and experience for half of century, and all products have the extract of plants, fruits and marine component. It made the original blend of 5 essential oil, 窶弉uintessence窶, and more than 130 nature component which gathered all over the world, so it established the professional use in 5 continent and more than 50 countries.
YON-KA Original 窶弋reasure窶
Lavender縲繝サ縲Geranium縲繝サ縲Rosemary縲繝サ縲Cypress 繝サ Thyme

SPA bland 窶弋Hテ窺Aテ俄 was born in France in 2007 and it respected the traditional and elegance of Japanese Tea ceremony. It named from Japanese Tea ceremony. This product is based on 4 kinds of tea and combining the France natural water. This is not famous in Japan but there are partner salon in 5 stars hotel and more than 160 countries. This is pulled out highest the charm and potential of tea.
4 kinds of tea縲窶廚omplex de quatre the窶
Green tea 窶廣ntioxidant窶昴サWhite tea 窶彝egeneration窶 Red tea 窶廣ctivation窶昴サBlack tea 窶廚alm窶

Old menu is here.

arcana SPA MENU

Cocoon by YON-KA (60min) ¥20,000
A facial treatment incorporates hot natural stones to ease muscular tension and tone. By picking up the highest vitality, raise up the natural healing force and attempt the harmony of beauty and heart.
Ridoki by THテ窺Aテ (60min)  ¥20,000
This facial treatment is regenerating the dry skin by soft stroke and stretch. We are using the wood handle with stainless arm and roller ball on the top of it. It stimulates the skin and facilitates the blood flow to keep skin in soft. This is high effect to anti-aging and working to face and neck wrinkle.
La Lune by YON-KA 90min ¥25,000
La Lune by YON-KA 60min ¥20,000
Combine 100% natural essential oil and component from plants then get the treatment according to the biorhythm of moon and body. This treatment will be based on 4 phase of moon. First quarter moon to new moon will fill the full of energy, full moon to waning moon will be a stability of heart, waning moon to new moon will prepare to make a new body. You can keep the balance of body by using silence power.
Why don窶冲 you go to the journey by the fascination of moon phase?
Provence journey at full moon : Lavender and Rosemary
Forest journey at new moon : Cedar wood and Rosemary
Korutika island at quarter moon : Mandarin and Sweet orange
Tahiti at waning moon : Jasmine and Tahitian gardenia
Oriental by THテ窺Aテ 90min ¥25,000
Oriental by THテ窺Aテ 60min ¥20,000
This body treatment treats the tension of body and gives the relaxation and well-being by slow and technical stroke. Incorporate the traditional method of eastern will treat the tension of muscular and expect the effect of fatigue recovery. The original massage which uses the rich body balm will regain the youthful and activate the skin by black tea. The elegance smell, natural macadamia and hemp oil will give the nutrition to the skin and will make the high quality and beauty skin.
This total body treatment course allows guests to select an arcana SPA-recommended body treatment and facial treatment of their choice.
繝サYON-KA  150min (Body 90min + Facial 60min) ¥40,000
繝サYON-KA  120min (Body 60min + Facial 60min) ¥36,000
繝サYON-KA  90min (Body 60min + Facial 30min) * ¥28,000
繝サTHテ窺Aテ  150min (Body 90min + Facial 60min) ¥40,000
繝サTHテ窺Aテ  120min (Body 60min + Facial 60min) ¥36,000
繝サTHテ窺Aテ   90min (Body 30min + Facial 60min)* ¥28,000

The prices for 2 people take the treatment together. Please select your choice from 窶弸ON-KA窶 or 窶弋Hテ窺Aテ俄.
This treatment will be the body treatment.
繝サLe Couple 90min ¥45,000(2person)
繝サLe Couple 60min ¥36,000(2person)
  • *arcana SPA Guests are advised to undergo treatment after having bath in the open-air bath. Enjoy a relaxing time bathing in the natural wealth of the high-quality hot spring and indulging yourself in a treatment.
  • *Same-day reservations may not be accepted due to fullbooking.
  • *Available in all 4types of room.
  • *Spa service is not available to expecting mothers. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • *Cancellation of spa treatment on reserved date=100% of spa treatment rate.

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