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Time with our chef

The enjoyment of the auberge is in spending time with the chef.
A dining experience exclusively for arcana izu guests, our chef coordinates the day窶冱 menu with guests while explaining seasonal ingredients native to Izu. Guests will find a warm table waiting for them even in the event that urgent business caused them to arrive late.

Restaurant 窶彗rcana窶 offers French cuisine features combinations of the finest local ingredients direct from Izu and hand-picked ingredients from all over the world to bring out the full-flavor of the delicacies. Guests will be fascinated by eminent dishes, complex tasting sensations coming from the original sauce, essences, and powders that draw out the richness of the ingredients.

Yuma Itoi (Chef)

2016 Chef & restaurant director at arcana izu
2014 Souschef at arcana izu
2009 Souschef at Octopus in France
2007 arcana izu
2004 Mikuni group

Restaurant “arcanam”

Exclusive French dining for guests

In a 32-seat French restaurant nestled with the forest, the chef displays his prowess, using fresh ingredients only Izu can provide. Indulge yourself by slowly waking up to the songs of birds on a crisp morning following a still night tipping glasses of wine.

Fresh ingredients arrive at arcana daily from specially selected gardens and ranches as well as the bays and markets of Izu. Come to arcana to taste for yourself dishes that will revitalize you from the inside; cuisine that can only come from foods.Preparing cuisine with the day窶冱 finest ingredients is arcana way.

Dinner: 21,384yen “arcana” (incl. tax; incl. service charge)

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