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This website ( is related to arcana izu (hereafter “the facility”) operated and managed by Dress Co., Ltd. (hereafter “our company”) and is operated by our company.
Users of the website (hereafter “visitors”) are advised to use the website after carefully reading and agreeing to the below conditions. Visitors to the website agree to all conditions of use guidelines and our company’s personal data protection policy.

Personal Data Protection Policy

The personal data obtained from visitors to this website is managed in accordance with the rules stipulated in this section.
As used herein, the term “personal data” means data specific to each visitor to this website, including but not limited to name, gender, age, address, telephone number and electronic mail address.

  • (1)Our company does not obtain nor disclose personal data to third parties without the visitors’permission, except when required by law or requested by a court in instances of litigation, investigation, or similar circumstances.
  • (2)Our company uses personal data obtained from individuals making inquiries solely for purposes of recording and / or communication information related to business transactions.
  • (3)Our company prepares and releases statistical data regarding access to this site at times. These data are purely statistical in nature and do not identify individual users. Our company does not disclose or release visitors’ personal data under any circumstances.

Recommended Environment

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    Internet Explorer 11.0 or later
    Firefox latest version
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  • 2.Smartphone
    [OS] iOS8 or later / Android 4.4 or later
    [Browser] Default browser in each OS, or Google Chrome


You may link to this website. However, our company reserves the right to refuse to allow websites containing any or all of the following to link to this website: content offensive to public order and morals, adult content, defamation of our company, or other content deemed inappropriate. This website contains links to external websites. Our company accepts no liability for the safeguarding of personal data at or content of external websites.


The contents of this website, including information, designs, layouts, logos, characters and trademarks, are the copyright-protected intellectual property of our company or rights holders who have authorized our company’s use of legally protected intellectual property. Do not copy or transfer any content of this website without permission from the rights holders.


Although our company has made every effort to ensure a safe user experience and the validity of the information posted on this website, our company makes no guarantees thereof. Visitors use this website at their own risk. Our company assumes no liability for damages suffered by visitors due to use of this website or the information found thereon. Our company reserves the right to, without prior notification, alter or delete any of the information on this website or interrupt or discontinue the operation thereof, and accepts no liability for damages suffered by visitors to this website due to such alteration, deletion, or interruption or discontinuation of operation.

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