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Enjoy “Emotional French” cuisine that adds sumptuousness to your trip in Izu—the area surrounded by the bounty of both sea and mountain.

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Savor cuisine that can only be enjoyed here, supported by our engaging producers.

There are many appealing food producers in Izu. They are located close to our hotel where we can interact with them whenever needed. When I talk face-to- face with the producers, gaze across their fields or hold the just-laid, still warm eggs, I began to think of the meaning beyond cooking.

Nowadays even in big cities you can find fresh local ingredients. However, exactly because we live in such an era, I think “where” and “what” we eat is more important than ever. For instance, just as the Ayu fish caught in the river in front of you and the one you eat in the city taste totally different, I want our guests visiting Izu to savor my cuisine as one of the wonderful memories from their trip…Like the fresh air, scent and sound of the locality. arcana izu, food and chef all work closely together to create heartfelt cuisine to make your trip an even more meaningful one.

Yuma Itoi Chef

Worked under Meilleur Ouvrier de France award winner Fabien Lefebvre. Allured by the bounty of the sea and mountains, and the nature of Izu, Itoi became the chef of arcana izu.

2003 Graduated from Centre de Perfectionnement Ecole Hôtelière TSUJI, France
2004 Mikuni Group
2007 arcana izu
2009 Sous-chef at Octopus in France
2014 Sous-chef at arcana izu
2016 Chef at arcana izu

Inspiration from a deep connection with Izu.

Izu is flanked by Sagami Bay and Suruga Bay. We can acquire fresh seafood from the local producers who never compromise on quality. We are also blessed with a bounty of mountain vegetables from the steep terrains of the Amagi mountain range. Wasabi, which was first grown 400 years ago, and naturally grown Shiitake mushrooms, which are a local specialty of Shuzenji, are especially famous.
In Izu, there are many dedicated farmers who grow their produce with a sense of pride and passion. When buying fish, we directly talk with the fish dealers. New inspirations for cuisine are born through our close relationships with these people and with the nature of Izu.

An evening of delectable food and conversation before expansive forest scenery.

The restaurant offers seats at the counter or tables, as well as semi-private rooms. Spend a relaxing night enjoying conversation with the chef as he prepares the meals in front of you, or with the hotel butler all while savoring the taste and visual delight of the cuisine under the soft lighting.
Different menus will be offered to guests who are staying more than one night.


Savor exquisite breakfast wrapped in light.

The restaurant offers a breakfast menu featuring made-to- order eggs prepared before you by the chef. Enjoy a blissful moment in the soft atmosphere, as if dining alfresco in the woods.


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